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Stan Penkin

District 4

Stan Penkin is a candidate for City Council in District 4 (West Portland and the Reed, Woodstock, and Sellwood-Moreland neighborhoods).

With a background in urban planning, Penkin is a founding director of the nonprofit Northwest Community Conservancy, which provides humanitarian and security services in the Pearl District. Until recently, he served as the President of the Pearl District Neighborhood Association.

Penkin is a founding Co-Chair of HomeShare Oregon, a nonprofit that connects rent-burdened homeowners with spare rooms to low-wage earners seeking accommodation. Additionally, he is the Founder of Oregon artPAC, a political group advocating for public funding of the arts.

Penkin’s policy priorities include reactivating Portland’s neighborhoods, supporting small businesses, expanding shelter capacity, and incentivizing affordable housing production. He emphasizes the importance of arts and entertainment as drivers of Portland’s economic development.

To learn more about Stan Penkin’s platform and for a complete list of his endorsements, please visit his campaign website.