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Sarah Silkie

District 4

Sarah Silkie a candidate for District 4 (West Portland and the Reed, Woodstock, and Sellwood-Moreland neighborhoods).

Silkie is an Engineer with the Portland Water Bureau and a Union Steward for PROTEC17, a union for public sector professionals. Her resume includes teaching sustainable engineering at Mount Hood Community College. Silkie is a 2023 graduate of the Oregon Labor Candidate School, a training program for pro-labor candidates.

Silkie’s website lists her priorities as supporting workers, ending Portland’s depedency on fossil fuels, fiscal responsibility, and greater government transparency.

She has committed to the ‘Save Portland Street Response’ pledge, vowing to prioritize, introduce, and vote in favor of full funding for Portland Street Response to operate 24-7 in every budget cycle.

For more information about Sarah Silke and a full list of her endorsements, please visit her campaign website.