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Rene Gonzalez


Rene Gonzalez is a candidate for Portland Mayor.

Currently serving his first term, Gonzalez is a Portland City Commissioner overseeing the Portland Fire Bureau, the Bureau of Emergency Communications, and the Bureau of Emergency Management. He took office in 2023.

A business attorney by profession, Gonzalez is the founder of a law firm and a technology consulting company. He played a leadership role in establishing Oregon’s largest soccer club, United PDX, and was a key organizer for ED300, a political action committee focused on reopening schools during the pandemic.

Gonzalez’s platform is dedicated to restoring Portland’s image by improving local and national perceptions of the city. His priorities include intensifying efforts to combat crime, homelessness, and the drug crisis, as well as promoting economic revitalization.

For more information Rene Gonzalez’ platform, please visit his campaign website.