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Michael Trimble

District 4

Michael Trimble is a candidate for Portland City Council in District 4 (West Portland and the Reed, Woodstock, and Sellwood-Moreland neighborhoods).

Trimble is an assistant leasing consultant with a background in office and administrative work. Born with a disability caused by the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe in his native Russia, Trimble is a disability and transit advocate who frequently participates in local bike races on his adaptive bike. He unsuccessfully ran for Governor in 2022.

Trimble’s priorities include increasing the affordable housing stock and strengthening renters’ protections, supporting bike safety, promoting a living wage and healthcare benefits for workers, and expanding the use of involuntary hospitalization for individuals experiencing mental health or addiction emergencies. Specifically, he advocates for safe use sites where people experiencing addiction can use drugs under supervision and receive services.

Trimble has committed to the ‘Save Portland Street Response’ pledge, vowing to prioritize, introduce, and vote in favor of full funding for Portland Street Response to operate 24-7 in every budget cycle.

For more information about Michael Trimble, please visit his campaign website.

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