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Luke Zak

District 3

Luke Zak is a candidate for Portland City Council in District 3 (Southeast Portland).

Zak is a Sales Manager with Travel Salem, a nonprofit organization promoting tourism for the mid-Willamette Valley. He has a background in political organizing to defend voting rights and same-sex marriage rights.

Zak’s website identifies his top priorities as addressing Portland’s homelessness and housing crisis, improving public safety and addiction support, and enhancing the city’s transportation system. Specifically, he proposes establishing safe use sites and drug testing programs to combat the addiction crisis, and expanding pedestrian and biking infrastructure to revitalize Portland’s commitment to being a bike-friendly and transit-oriented city.

Zak has signed the ‘No Fossil Fuel Money’ pledge, committing not to accept contributions of over $200 from the oil, gas, and coal industries.

For more information about Zak’s platform, please visit his campaign website.