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Jeremy Beausoleil Smith

District 4

Jeremy Beausoleil Smith is a candidate for City Council in District 4 (West Portland and the Reed, Woodstock, and Sellwood-Moreland neighborhoods).

Beausoleil Smith is a Project Manager in Portland State University’s Capital Projects & Construction Department. As someone in remission from bipolar disorder, he cites his personal experience as a driver for his decision to seek public office.

Beausoleil Smith’s priorities as expanding access to mental health and addiction support services, investing in public transit, and a commitment to workers’ and renters’ rights. Specific policy proposals include instituting a Renters Bill of Rights.

Beausoleil Smith has committed to the ‘Save Portland Street Response’ pledge, vowing to prioritize, introduce, and vote in favor of full funding for Portland Street Response to operate 24-7 in every budget cycle. Additionally, he has signed the ‘No Police Money Pledge’, rejecting contributions or endorsements from police unions or associations, and the ‘No Fossil Fuel Money’ pledge, committing not to accept contributions of over $200 from the oil, gas, and coal industries.

For more information about Beausoleil Smith, please visit his campaign website.