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Andra Vltavín

District 4

Andra Vltavín is a candidate for City Council in District 4 (West Portland and the Reed, Woodstock, and Sellwood-Moreland neighborhoods).

Andra Vltavín is an LGBTQIA+ and climate advocate involved with the environmental organizations Extinction Rebellion PDX and 350 PDX. Vltavín identifies as non-binary and uses they/them pronouns. They are a co-founder of the yarn co-op Ethical Yarn and the nonprofit publishing house First Matter Press.

Vltavín’s website lists their priorities as climate justice, participation, empathy, and diversity.

Vltavín has committed to the ‘Save Portland Street Response’ pledge, vowing to prioritize, introduce, and vote in favor of full funding for Portland Street Response to operate 24-7 in every budget cycle. Additionally, they have signed the ‘No Fossil Fuel Money’ pledge, committing not to accept contributions of over $200 from the oil, gas, and coal industries.

For more information about Andra Vltavín, please visit their campaign website.

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