Bob Weinstein first to qualify for city ballot

The official filing window for city candidates opened on June 5th.

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District 4 candidate Bob Weinstein is the first candidate to qualify for the historic 2024 city ballot. 

The official filing window for city seats opened on June 5, and multiple candidates shared pictures of themselves submitting their paperwork at City Hall.

For some, the timing of the filing window during Pride Month held special significance. Elana Pirtle-Guiney, a candidate in District 2, was accompanied by her spouse as the filed the necessary paperwork.

“My wife, Brandy, was able to take a late lunch to come with me to file my papers to run for office, so we stopped for a quick picture outside City Hall, where the waving Pride flag reminded me that I live in a community that allows me to lead,” she wrote on social media.

The Willamette Week wrote a story about mayoral candidate Liv Osthus, who brought a band and a group of children to City Hall to celebrate her filing moment.

The filing windown for city candidates closes on August 27.

D2 Candidate Elana Pirtle-Guiney files paperwork joined by her spouse.

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